With the permit from Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to carry out cargo Survey services, we provide inspection services for Quality and Quantity to the following but not limited to :-
  • Crude oil, Petroleum Products and Petrochemicals
  • Ship, Barge, Truck Shore and Offshore Tank Measurement
  • Testing and Analytical Services on Crude, Petroleum Products and Petrochemicals
  • Marine Fuel Management for Ships and Shore Tank
  • Petroleum Product Blending
  • Ullage Inspection
  • Bunker Survey
  • Tank Cleanliness Inspection and Certification
MGL Provides the following services
  • Cargo Loss control
  • Loading and Discharging Supervision
  • Ullage Inspection of Bulk Liquid Cargo
  • Draft Survey Liquid Cargo
  • Sampling and Analysis of Samples
With an enviable track record, we have also carried out inspection jobs with notable Oil and Gas companies in rectification and analysis with cargo certificate of quantity and quality for commodities essential to international trade.
  • Quality and Quantity Bunker Survey
  • Investigating into Bunker Dispute
  • Loss Control / Expedition of Chemicals, Paints and Edible Oil
  • Owner's Representative for Fuel Transportation and STS Operations
  • Damage and Loss assessmentLoss Adjustment and Claims Settling
  • Administrators of Salvage Sales
  • Pre-underwriting Risk Assessment
  • Advisory and Implementation of Loss Control Programs
  • Marine Claim Litigation against third parties, Risk Management
  • Motion Analyses
  • Structural Integrity (Flexible Body Analysis)
  • Sea Fastenings, Grillages Design and Drawings
  • Deck Strength Checks & Recommendations
Marine and Offshore Surveys  
  • OCIMF OVID Inspections>
  • Marine Asset Surveys and Valuation (e.g. ship, barge and machineries)
  • Safety, Health, Environment Protection and Quality Assurance (SHEQ) Management
  • Maritime Management Systems Audits
  • Mooring Analyses
  • Sail Away Criteria, Stability Calculations
  • Longitudinal Strength Calculations
  • Structural Integrity (Flexible Body Analysis)
  • Sea Fastenings, Grillages Design and Drawings
  • Deck Strength Checks & Recommendations
  • Marine investigation (P&I and H&M)
slide 7 Our marine warranty services include, inter alia, the approval (or verification) of all aspects of the marine transportation proposal, including carrier suitability, pre-load condition, onboard stowage, loading and discharging methodology, ballasting operations where required and sea-fastenings with an attendance throughout operations. The cargoes handled include turbines, generators, transformers, HRSGs, evaporators, steel shipments, container cranes, petrochemical components and others which are deemed “critical” items requiring specialist attention during handling to minimize any risk of damage during sea transit. In addition, we provide attendance during land transportation of cargoes, between shipper/works-carrier consignee/site and these include inter alia route surveys, inspections and approvals of cargo handling equipment, practices and land transportation proposals. Cargo Damage and Recoveries;
We supply general marine and safety equipment to the Oil and Gas industry